Name Corpirate
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Villain
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise
Latest appearance Reign Down
Voiced by Geoff Ramsey

The Corpirate is a villain who has plans to take over the city.


Very few is known about the corpirate except for being a businessman and ex-partner with Rusty Bonjour.


The Corpirate wears a business suit along with a monocle and an eye-patch, he appears to have a scar on his left eye. The Corpirate always speaks in a pirate accent saying things like landlubber or ending sentences with a Yarr.


Justifying his very name, the corpirate is a greedy, power-thirsty thug with decent fighting skills and cunning execution of his plans.

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  • The Corpirate is based on a custom character created by Geoff Ramsey for WWE '13. He returned, in a vacation form as "Yarrgarita", in WWE 2K14.
    • He is the only one of five characters voiced by their inspirations with a unique origin; Mogar and The Mad King both originated in Minecraft and an achievement guide in Halo 4 created the titular duo.
  • He is cousins with Sloth from The Goonies. Sloth was Geoff's character in WWE 2K16, as the Corpirate "was away on business" according to Geoff.