Name Die-Mond
Sex Female
Species Human
Occupation Villain
Introduced in It's A Crazy Mad World
Latest appearance It's A Crazy Mad World
Voiced by Jen Brown


She wears a short-sleeved blue shirt with a white skull on the front (reminiscent of the insignia of The Punisher from Marvel Comics), along with dark blue pants with a white belt, white boots and gloves, and a mask. According to X-Ray's glasses, she is 5'10", 150 lbs. and has white eyes.


Die-Mond is first seen stealing a large sum of cash, pursued by X-Ray and Vav. She appears to hold a low opinion of the two, describing them as "losers".

Trivia Edit

  • Die-Mond is voiced by Jen Brown, who has voiced several characters in other Rooster Teeth productions. She is the voice actor for Pyrrha Nikos in RWBY and Freelancer Agent Carolina in Red vs. Blue.
  • According to X-Ray's glasses, her database ID is JF-101089.