Name Dragonface
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Fan of X-Ray & Vav
Introduced in The Dawn of Mogar
Latest appearance Reign Down
Voiced by Kerry Shawcross

Dragonface is a new character appearing in season 2 of X-Ray and Vav.


Dragonface has dark-blond, light-brown hair. He is missing a tooth. He wears makeshift superhero clothing such as a mask, gloves and a cape that appears to be a towel. His shirt has a drawing of a face on it and the word "Dragonface" upside down. He has either tape or an adhesive bandage on his jaw and elbow.


Dragonface seems to worship X-Ray and Vav, to the point being ordered to remain 500 feet after being taken to court by them twice. He is extremely loyal to them, and even after Mogar's appearance, he was still a loyal fan. Dragonface seems to be excited when X-Ray and Vav are around and was influenced to become a superhero just like them. He wants to be seen in their eyes as a hero himself.


  • Dragonface is named after Kerry's nickname in his early appearances in Achievement Hunter videos, and holds a physical resemblance to him.
  • Dragonface is not mentioned by name on his debut but his character appears in the credits, and his name is visible, albeit upside-down, on his shirt.