Flynt Coal
Flynt coal
Name Flynt Coal
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Private Investigator
Introduced in Coal & Order
Latest appearance Coal & Order
Voiced by Colton Dunn

Flynt Coal is a Private Investigator, who works with X-Ray and Vav to find clues about Mogar.

Background Edit

Not much is known about Flynt Coal's past, other than he convicted Tony Garofalo 10 years ago on trafficking charges, and that he and Rusty Bonjour know each other. After an event that "changed both their lives forever," they remain at odds and are untrusting of one another.

Appearance Edit

Detective Coal is black and has a gray beard. He wears a white collar shirt with a black necktie and long black pants. Covering most of his body is a navy blue overcoat with a matching fedora.

Personality Edit

Episode Appearances Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Flynt might be a little mentally unstable, as he speaks in past tense, as if narrating a story of what is going on at the present moment as well as imagining everything in black and white.
  • He may also be omniscient as he knows X-Ray and Vav are going to enter his office before they do.
  • The name Flynt Coal is reference to a catchphrase originating in the Let's Play Minecraft Episode 6. Michael says he has coal and flint, and from there on, whenever someone said coal or flint another (usually Ray), would respond "Flynt Coal?" The team then evolved this joke into a character, who is an international private investigator. He is mentioned several times afterward.
  • Flynt Coal shares his name with the leader of team FNKI from RWBY.