Name Hilda
Sex Female
Species Human
Occupation Engineer,
CEO of Monarch Labs
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise
Latest appearance Evil Unlocked
Voiced by Lindsay Jones

Hilda is a major protagonist of X-Ray and Vav. She is an engineer at the largely-unseen Monarch Labs. She creates various pieces of advanced technology, many of which are highly dangerous and unsafe. In addition to creating equipment for X-Ray and Vav, she also created a giant "Taser" which she named "Betsy" and her floating, spherical lab assistant, ORF, who she made as a child when she was lonely.


Hilda met X-Ray and Vav after the two attempted to get her purse from a thief. Although their stupidity annoyed her, she was pleased that they were dumb enough to test her unsafe experiments to collect data, giving them their new suits. She became annoyed with the duo again after they destroyed the city and possibly caused her to lose her job.


Hilda wears a lab coat with rolled up sleeves, a white t-shirt, glasses, greenish blue pants, also rolled up. She also sports purple hair, which is put up in a ponytail. She's also worn a blue sweater, such as when she met X-Ray and Vav.


A misunderstood scientist with a passion for tech, Hilda is a very intelligent inventor. However, because of her great intellect, she is rather snobbish towards people of lesser intelligence, such as X-Ray and Vav. Her respect toward her bosses at Monarch Lab is minimal, and she's shown to be very cold and unfeeling when it comes to the wellbeing of others, as she's not afraid to use 'Betsy' on X-Ray and entrust her dangerous weapons to two morons. Hilda is also shown to be very confident in her abilities, displayed when she claims to X-Ray she could have handled the purse robber. But despite her rather unfriendly disposition, Hilda has shown moments of kindness, such as when she's around ORF or after X-Ray compliments 'Betsy'.

Her blunt and cynical manner seems to derive from her past, as she's stated that she never really had friends as a child.

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  • Hilda seems to share some similarities with Ruby Rose (RWBY), another character that Lindsay voices. Both Hilda and Ruby have a dangerous gun which they've used to stop crime. And both are very intelligent when it comes to inventing machines and weapons.
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