Name ORF
Species AI
Occupation Assistant
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise
Latest appearance Reign Down
Voiced by Barbara Dunkelman

Orbicular Robotic Friend, often shortened to ORF, is a major character in X-Ray and Vav. ORF was created sometime prior to the start of the series by Hilda, and acts as her personal assistant and best friend.


ORF was created by Hilda, due to her not having friends, she "Created one", creating ORF.


White floating orb with lightish-blue interface with a connected antenna. After being upgraded by The Mad King, ORF now features in combat bulky robotic arms and legs, one arm equipped with a red laser.

At some point, ORF would now have the ability to split apart, and form a mechanical suit around Hilda.


ORF very strongly generates a friendly and cleverly personality with Hilda and her friends, although it seems to have developed a slight sadistic nature after being upgraded by The Mad King. ORF also seems to be unable to detect allusions and sarcasm, an example is when Dragonface said "not" in front of his sentences in an unconvincing way leading ORF to believe him both times.

Episode appearancesEdit

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  • ORF might present a reference of "Wheatley", and 343 Guilty Spark, two different AIs that share similar physical appearances.
  • ORF's name could reference it's existing shape, and "orb".
  • ORF's ability to form a mechanical suit around Hilda, is reminiscent to Iron Man 3, where Tony Stark creates a suit that forms around him in individual pieces.
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