Rusty Bonjour
Rusty Bonjour
Name Rusty Bonjour
Sex Male
Species Human
Introduced in Operation: Rescue Friend
Latest appearance Reign Down
Voiced by Gray G. Haddock

Rusty Bonjour is a friend of X-Ray and Vav. He used to be a business partner with Corpirate.


He apparently served during the Vietnam war, having referenced it several times. At some point, he was a business partner with Corpirate. He also seems to be an alcoholic.


Rusty wears a white shirt and grey jeans. His shoes are mismatched, usually one tennis shoe and one dress shoe.


Although serving a backup role, Rusty seems to be the most resourceful character of the series, often having a plan on how to deal with unpredictable situations when least expected. On the other side, he lacks of efficient fighting skills and focus on the mission, being unable to stay awake during a break-in and forgetting to pilot a helicopter he alone brought up the Corpirate's tower.

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  • Rusty seems to have participated in the Vietnam War: when waking up he shouts "Ah Vietnam!" and upon piloting a helicopter and seeing it crash he recalls the events he supposedly lived through.
  • He might be of French origin, having his last name "bonjour", which means "hello" in French.
  • He is a capable lawyer, being able to get the restraining order on Dragonface extended further.
  • Rusty is Jewish.