The Mad King
Name The Mad King
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation CEO of Monarch Labs
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise (mentioned only)
Operation: Rescue Friend
Latest appearance Reign Down
Voiced by Ryan Haywood

The Mad King is the former CEO of Monarch Labs, has tried to take over the city before being defeated by Hilda, ORF, X-Ray, and Vav.

He is the secondary antagonist of Season 1 and the main antagonist of Season 2.


The Mad King wears a broken crown, a dark green suit with a black bowtie, a brown plaid kilt, and a sporran with a golden "R" proudly emblazoned on it. He has light brown hair, blue eyes and some facial hair.


Through his short time in the season 1, the Mad King lives up to his name. He claims to have a 'dead people collection' and threatens to pull off X-Ray's arms and 'applaud [his] demise' with them. the Mad King clearly enjoys torture as he commands ORF to whisper his name as ORF kills Hilda.

In season 2, he is shown to be a master manipulator and a cunning strategist. He also (seemingly) keeps puppies in his kilt as a means of bribery and has some form of telepathic connection with his crown, as he can summon it to come to him from several rooms away.

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  • The Mad King is based on Ryan Haywood's alter ego in the Minecraft Let's Play
    • Like The Mad King in the Minecraft Let's Play, they are both sadistic and enjoy the suffering of others.
    • The Mad King's cell in The Madness of the King may be based on Hannibal Lecter's cell from his first appearance in The Silence of the Lambs.
    • His outfit comes from Ryan's primary Minecraft skin, Scottish Steve. The kilt is the identifying factor between that and Tuxedo Steve, Ray's Tuxedo Mask-like Minecraft skin.
  • The Mad King's leitmotif is a piano and string instrument eerily tuned.
  • Just like Ryan (in episodes 54-61 of The Minecraft Let's Plays), The Mad King imprisons a cow named Edgar in a small underground hole for her milk. ("Edgar is the one in the hole!" -Ryan Haywood, 7/26/2013)
  • The Mad King commanding ORF to whisper his name whilst killing Hilda may be a reference to the Minecraft Galacticraft Let's Play, in which Ryan tells Michael Jones to whisper his name to the animals he is gathering food from.
  • There is a special "Mad King" skin for the character Roland, in the online brawler game Brawlhalla.
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