The Mayor
The Mayor
Name The Mayor
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Mayor
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise
Latest appearance Evil Unlocked
Voiced by Patrick Rodriguez

The Mayor is the mayor of the city in which X-Ray and Vav takes place.

He was shown to be building a model replica of the city as it was being destroyed. When he realized that the city was destroyed, he only seemed to care that it didn't match his model, which was soon corrected by the model being damaged too. Based on the fact that he was pleased that his model was destroyed, and didn't care about the city's destruction, he appears to be aloof and incompetent.


Not much is known about The Mayor's past.


A short man with a burly, white mustache and short, white hair. He wears a blue vest over a white shirt, with the vest bearing a nametag.


He appears to be carefree, as he is shown not to be concerned at all when the city was destroyed by X-Ray and Vav. However, he is very cowardly when it comes to combat, as shown when he was being attacked by the Corpirate.

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  • The Mayor appears to be a spoof of the mayor from the Cartoon Network show, "The Powerpuff Girls". The only difference between the two, is the The Mayor does not wear a monocle, nor has a secretary with a hidden face.