Vav Trans
Name Vav
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Superhero
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise
Latest appearance Reign Down
Voiced by Gavin Free


Not much is known about Vav's life except that he's British and a long-time boyhood friend of X-Ray.


Full blue cape and spandex with the "Vav" symbol on his chest (a capital V wearing a bowler hat, backdropped by the Union Jack) except for his red gloves and red outer pants or "over-undies".


While showing the same amount of stupidity as his partner, Vav does tend to think things through more clearly and tries to come up with a plan for everything. He believes that being a super hero isn't about publicity, but about helping others. He appears to be more kind and polite towards others than X-Ray is, as he talks politely to Hilda and treats her with respect. He also frequently refers to people the people of the city as "citizens."

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Slow Motion Hands
  • Delightful British accent

Episode appearancesEdit

Major appearancesEdit


  • His appearance and country of origin is based on that of his voice actor, Gavin Free.
  • His super power is based on the hit web series, The Slow Mo Guys, also starring Gavin Free.
  • Vav's symbol has a background of the Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom.