Name X-Ray
Sex Male
Species Human
Occupation Superhero
Introduced in X-Ray & Vav Rise
Voiced by Ray Narvaez, Jr.

X-Ray is one of the titular characters of X-Ray and Vav.


Not much is known about X-Ray's life, but it can be assumed that he and Vav have been boyhood friends for a long time. He seems to be living with his mother, while his father had left his family.


X-ray wears a full green cape and spandex with the "X-Ray" symbol on his chest (two intersecting, green lightning bolts) except for his black gloves and outer pants or "over-undies" which also serve as a utility belt (of sorts), as it is "lined with a spacial rift multiplayer" making it bottomless.


He appears to be the more impulsive and irrational of this dynamic duo. While he does believe it is good to help others, he is more focused on becoming a famous superhero than Vav is. He believes that sometimes you have to do something stupid to get results, which usually results in things being destroyed. He also has trouble getting along with Hilda, as they constantly argue and make fun of each other.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • X-ray utilizes X-ray glasses, which emit a powerful laser from the lenses and also grant him X-ray vision.

Episode appearancesEdit

Major appearancesEdit


  • His appearance is based on that of his voice actor, Ray Narvaez, Jr..
  • His primary power is similar to the Marvel superhero, Cyclops, as both can shoot lasers out of their eyes.
    • The only difference being that Cyclops' lasers actually originate from his eyes, and his visor is used to control them, whereas X-Ray's lasers come directly from his glasses.